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GPZ 7000 All Terrain Gold Metal Detector with GPZ 19" Search Coil
GPZ 7000 All Terrain Gold Metal Detector with GPZ 19" Search Coil

About this item

  • Extreme Gold Depth: So how deep can you go? Well, it is 40% deeper than the GPX series*. Thanks to the revolutionary new ZVT technology, the old gold mine has been given a new look. Take you deeper than ever.
  • Maximum Gold Sensitivity: The incredible sensitivity of the GPZ 7000 with the Super‑D coil gives you the ultimate advantage in the field. Find gold others have missed, from sub-gram gold through to those elusive ‘retirement nuggets’ still out there.
  • Precision Ground Balance: Most gold is buried in the mineralised ‘difficult’ ground that many detectors can’t cope with. The GPZ 7000 accurately ‘balances’ and automatically ‘tracks’ to even the most severe ground conditions, with ease.
  • Enhanced Noise Immunity: The outstanding noise immunity of the GPZ 7000 enables very smooth and quiet detecting. With 256 Noise Cancel channels, the GPZ 7000 picks up less atmospheric noise. Listen to the gold, not the noise interference.
  • Simple Menu System: The easy-to-use Menu Pages group similar functions together under Detect and Map sections, with all settings quickly accessible. Use the Guide Sequences to get started. You don’t need to be an expert to find gold.

Product description

GPZ 7000 All Terrain Gold Metal Detector with GPZ 19" search coil

GPZ 7000 is the future of gold testing. This unparalleled detector will provide you with extremely deep gold mine depths (up to 40% deeper than the GPX series*), enabling ultimate gold exploration performance in all ground conditions.

GPZ 7000 is the best gold exploration detector on the market, able to find gold deeper than any other metal detector under all ground conditions!

GPZ 7000 is our new flagship gold detector GPZ 7000. GPZ 7000 is equipped with the exclusive Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) technology developed by Bruce Candy and the most advanced features, providing the deepest ground penetration, representing the most significant advancement in gold detection technology over the years.

This revolutionary gold detector will find the deepest gold in mineralized formations, and has the highest sensitivity to detect even the smallest amount of gold. Look no further!

Xinjin Technology

Bruce Candy's breakthrough new technology has achieved a huge leap in gold performance.

ZVT technology provides a new level for all serious gold prospectors, greatly increasing the depth. You will no longer be limited to using sine wave continuous VLF transmission detectors (struggling in mineralized ground) or square wave PI transmission detectors (may be insensitive to different gold sizes and compositions).

"This revolutionary new ZVT technology far exceeds the GPX detector in detecting large gold nuggets and finding gold at any depth. The GPZ 7000 will once again open up the field of gold mining."

Maximum gold recovery rate

GPZ 7000 has extremely deep depth and maximum sensitivity, and its performance is better than SDC 2300 and GPX 5000.

"GPZ 7000 can't make gold, but sometimes it seems to be possible!"